How We Work

We are a communications agency that cares about what really matters: engaging people with clever comms.

Communications is constantly innovating and developing, so are De Rigueur Digital. We have aligned our people, processes, technology and training to ensure clients win in a ever growing complex, digital world. We have broken away from the traditional agency structure. We have replaced the standard  hierarchy structure with teams of dedicated specialists who are embedded in every account. This means our clients receive work produced from specialists rather than generalists

Our  D4 model integrates four areas of expertise into a single entity. 

Strategists are business analysts who have a strong understanding of external and internal factors that impact a client’s future.  Armed with the latest trends and research, they discover human truths and insights that inspire engaging campaigns. They also manage reporting and analytics to measure and direct success.

Creators are  thinkers who are experienced and gifted at generating game-changing ideas. They are consumer centric  storytellers who design and produce the content to leverage insight and bring stories to life.

Connectors are media experts who engage consumer and business audiences. They merge social and mainstream media channels to ensure we achieve a strong reach with a good ROI.

Catalysts are account managers who drive the integrated execution of client campaigns. They ensure each component of the D4 model works together seamlessly. They work across all disciplines ensuring the application of best practices.  They also work with the client to discover new opportunities to keep our clients ahead of the competition. Catalysts drive the RTM (real time marketing) approach, whereupon media is analysed and creative opportunities, to leverage our clients brand are identified.

Bragging Rights

During office hours we employ a butler and (incase there’s another Manchester riot) we have a champion American Football player to protect us. MMU recently released a statement saying “what ever happens we know De Rigueur deserve to win the SEO Cup” dsmmcm1314