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November 26

Favourite Five Viral Ads of 2013

This year we’ve seen some fantastic campaigns, at De Rigueur Digital we’ve got together and (after a few cups of tea and tantrums), agreed on top 5 viral ads of 2013; 1. Dove “Real Beauty Sketches” Dove’s ‘Real Beauty Sketches’ is the most shared video of 2013 to date with over 4.2 million shares online, […]

November 26

A great example of how technology is bringing the world together

As part of their ‘Family Portraits’ campaign, Skype released a tear-jerking video that follows the real-life story of two best friends with a special bond, but who had never physically met. (dsmmcm1314) There are many reasons reasons why this content shouldn’t work – it’s over three minutes long for a start,  its off brand with […]

#dsmmcm1314 November 13

How to set up your business online – become more visible through search marketing…

#dsmmcm1314 Now you have your new site set up (creating your own website made easy) it is time to make sure your customers can find you online. The most effective way to do this is to become an expert in search marketing (don’t worry it is easier than it seems). #dsmmcm1314 Search marketing – a […]

Movember- A tribute to the Moustache

You’ve probably seen more men growing a moustache recently, some may just like dodgy facial hair but the majority are probably taking part in Movemeber, a charity that creates awareness around mens health, the discuss and help men with everything from mental health to living with and beyond cancer. Movemeber take a light hearted approach […]

November 10

How To Unlock Your Creativity…

The rise of social media has allowed the consumer to become the marketer. We have less power, less control and less influence over our brand messaging and there’s a lot more noise in t he media, a plethora of homemade videos clutter the internet. This has led to consumers being smarter, rejecting the majority of […]

November 09

Digital Fashion Week 2013: Fashion Without Boundaries

Digital Fashion Week (DFW) launched in 2012 and is the ‘world’s first shoppable live streaming fashion week’, strengthening ties between fashion and technological industries. The partnership of DFW Creative, YouTube, Google+ and Twitter’ aims to bring the latest fashion trends ‘to consumers in real time’. British Supermodel Naomi Campbell made her Singaporean runway debut during […]

November 09

Have John Lewis Got Another Winning Christmas Campaign?

It’s finally arrived (to the annoyance of the Scrooges in this world), the John Lewis Christmas Advert. #DSMMCM1314 This years Ad is an animation which portrays the tear jerking tale of a bear and a hare that have never been able to spend Christmas together because the bear always hibernates. Adam & Eve/DDB created the ad, […]

My Application To Work At Golin Harris #dsmmcm1314

Golin Harris are  a  world leading PR Agency, their clients include some of the most prestigious brands in marketing such as McDonalds, Smirnoff, Unilever and Coca Cola. The work has been recognised throughout the industry,so far  in 2013 they have been awarded; Consultancy of the year – PR Week American Agency of the year – Holmes Report […]

#dsmmcm1314 November 06

How to set up your business online – creating your own website (made easy)…

How to set up your business online – creating your own website (made easy)… This blog post is the first in a series of posts highlighting the tech available for new-business start-ups. It will act as a step-by-step guide on how to make your business visible online, how to measure and track your online performance […]