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Michael Norris; 10612882; Marketing Matrix

  References: Digital Product  Advantages Mitchell, Andrew A. “The effect of verbal and visual components of advertisements on brand attitudes and attitude toward the advertisement.” Journal of Consumer Research (1986): 12-24.  Digital Pricing  Advantages  Disadvantages  Digital Communication  Advantages  Social Media  Advantages Carolyn Heller Baird, Gautam Parasnis, (2011) “From […]

Consumer Journey; Michael Norris; 10612882

Positioning Approach; Michael Norris; 10612882

Target Audience; Michael Norris; 10612882

References: Behavioural targeting  Demographical Targeting Dooley, Robert S., Dorn M. Fowler, and Alex Miller. “The benefits of strategic homogeneity and strategic heterogeneity: Theoretical and empirical evidence resolving past differences.” Strategic Management Journal 17.4 (1996): 293-305.  Target Audience Types of fashion users  Evidence Bansal, H. S., and Voyer, P. A. […]


Alia Stansfield 10630175 Segmentation

Alia Stansfield 10630175 Positioning approach

Alia Stansfield 10630175 Digital and Social media marketing levers

Alia Stansfield 10630175 Customer voyage

Positioning Approach – Hannah Thorpe 10248333