Mr Selfridge has done it again!!


Named after its founder, Harry Gordon Selfridge. Selfridge & Co opened on Oxford Street in London in 1909. He had a passion and understanding of publicity and created an elaborate opening advertisement campaign that had a crush of people storming to get the first look.

Today Selfridges is know world wide as a unique shopping experience, from the food court to the couture, the beauty basement to the iconic Yellow bags Selfridge & Co remains the front runner for UK department stores.


 With Quotes like ‘The customer is always right’ ‘There’s no fun like work’ and ‘ I am prepared to sell anything, from and aeroplane to a cigar’ Selfridge & Co have failed to disappoint of the years on their innovation and class.

The latest venture to come from the mastermind’s that brought us those iconic yellow bags comes with a bang ….Or a ‘pop’ shall we say.

Selfridge & Co introduces the worlds first Champagne dispenser. (Vending machine) For £18 customers can enjoy a chilled bottle of fizz. The Machines hold 350 200ml bottles of the good stuff each decorated with Swarovski crystals.

Like the Queen Selfridge & Co customers are far to posh to carry change, customers will be required to pre-pay at a special Moet counter prior. Customers will however have to bring their own glasses to enjoy their purchase; we’re not sure how well that’s going to go down!

Will you be splashing out this Christmas? An £18 Bottle of Moet & Chandon or a £1 Diet Coke? You tell us!!

By Aaliyah Stansfield