How To Unlock Your Creativity…

The rise of social media has allowed the consumer to become the marketer. We have less power, less control and less influence over our brand messaging and there’s a lot more noise in t he media, a plethora of homemade videos clutter the internet.

This has led to consumers being smarter, rejecting the majority of content. This makes cut through harder to achieve and therefore campaigns must be backed with creativity if there’s going to be any chance of delivering a succesful campaign.

But What do you do on those days where the big idea, the link between consumer insight and the brand is hiding.

Some people blunder around the office frantically , others go to the pub and  some just go home and pray tomorrow will be more fruitful, stating “I had writers block today”.

At De Rigueur we believe we’ve found the solution, it’s not some super drug, infact rumours of this has been circulating on the internet for many years.

Jelly Babies

Jelly Babies

Jelly Babies

There’s much more inside these little Jelly Babies than e-numbers, their heads are jam packed with creative ideas..that’s why we always bring them along to meetings……..or maybe it’s just an excuse to bring our favourite sweets into work everyday.