Lady GaGa: Out of this world… Literally


Lady Gaga has been described as many things during her career. Innovator, crazy, meat lady, Mother Monster but to name a few.

Best known for her eccentric style and controversial media stunts, the 27 year old pop princess has achieved success at an epic level with over 64million singles and 23million albums sold worldwide, three world tours, 13 music awards, 5 grammy’s and gross earnings over over $25 million in 2011.

Lady GaGa’s latest venture to solidify herself  as an innovator of her craft involves taking her out of this world performance flair to the next level, quite literally.

2012 we saw astronaut Chris Hadfield create the first ever  intergalactic music video, a cover of ‘space oddity’. Mr Hadfield was also the first to record a song whilst aboard an international Space Station.

While 2009 we saw Mcfly Fans across the world rise to the occasion with a twitter campaign to get the bands sixth number 1 single Star girl played in space.  The campaign was a success being used as an alarm clock of sorts to wake up the astronauts on board the space station.

2015 is an exciting year for music as zero G Colony, a futuristic, tech forward music festival sets to showcase a three day festival in which the grand finale will feature Miss GaGa herself performing the first ever gig in outer space.


Prior to the event Lady GaGa will undergo a month of intensive vocal training to prepare for the difference in atmosphere , the event taking place a mere 6months after the first ever Virgin Galactic commercial flight.

The singer is said to of taken out a ‘ridiculous life insurance policy.’  What do you think,  is she crazy?  has the eccentric star gone too far? Or is this just the beginning of an extensive evolution of the music industry?

By Alia Stansfield