How do sports fans use social media?



Social media now players a larger role than ever in sports fans lives all over the world. They are using Youtube to watch all the latest highlights, Twitter as a constant up to date news feed and then Facebook to talk about all the latest sporting gossip. #dsmmcm1314

Although we are aware that sports fans are using social media, it has been hard to measure just how many are using which online platforms and where the greatest opportunities are for marketers. Catalyst PR, recently acquired by sports marketing giants IMG, are the latest to have a go at finding out where all the sports fans are online and how they can be targeted. #dsmmcm1314

Recently released, Catalyst’s fan engagement study surveyed 2,100 sports fans between the ages of 16 and 64. This group included fans from a variety of sports including NFL, NBA and Football. #dsmmcm1314

Although a couple of thousand sports fans hardly covers everyone who follows sport, it is still an interesting start point to view any trends. #dsmmcm1314

Personally, I was surprised to see that after the final whistle, the most popular social media platform is Instagram followed by Twitter. I would have expected to see Facebook at the top with fans having banter regarding recent matches and discussing their teams performance. Instead it would seem they are opting to upload pictures of their experience at the game. #dsmmcm1314

The survey also found that nearly twice as many respondents use Facebook compared with Twitter, with 73% using Facebook compared with only 37% using Twitter. However on game day, they admitted to checking their Twitter 1.5 times as often as they checked Facebook. #dsmmcm1314

For more findings, check out the image below. Then let us know what you think.



Author: Matthew Holton

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