Instagram Ad’s have arrived and they’re here to stay!

It’s common knowledge that in the digital world we live in Ad’s are everywhere! Ad free zones are few and far between and the latest social community to take the hit is popular photo-sharing app ‘Instagram.’

For the everyday instagramer a typical feed will include, artesian style dishes (people need to know what’s on the menu for tonight) stylish outfits (everyone needs to know how fabulous you’re looking) lavish purchases and sentimental/memorable moments.

Instagram however has also become a marketing platform for user-generated-content. Whether aware or not individuals have become popular or ‘famous’ with giant followings making purchasing decisions based upon those popular individuals images.

Approximately a month ago Instagram announced that ad’s would shortly appear on our feed, shortly followed by a visual explanation as to what to expect.

Unsurprisingly Instagram received a fair amount of backlash and negative feedback to their up and coming plans.

Yesterday the first official Ad went live coming from fashion designer Michael Kors. The image showcases a gold wristwatch surrounded by French luxuries. As to date the image has 226605 likes with 1684 comments.


Some are unfazed by the change, however the general consensus in the comments is outrage, Unbeknown to the viewer Brands have been utilizing this exposure opportunity through affiliate sponsorship and product placement for quite some time.

Perhaps it’s the lack of control over what we now see that’s riled the masses? What do you think? Do Instagram Ad’s get the thumbs up from you or not?