Inspiring Campaigns This Week

Mamming – Breast Cancer Awareness Month


We’ve had ‘planking’ and ‘McDiving, now the latest photo based craze to sweep the nation is  #mamming. In honour of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, women are encouraged to Instagram photos of themselves “laying their boobs on stuff” in the traditional mammogram pose, #dsmmcm1314



Instead of being depressing and producing a campaign with a tone that many may want to avoid, this campaign uses humour to get a serious message across.


The best online crazes are simple, funny and often absurd – a great combination for getting people to talk about your cause.

Telekinetic Coffee Shop – Carrie Launch


The producers of the Carrie remake rigged up a coffee shop to respond to the ‘telekinetic powers’ of their planted actress, scaring   unsuspecting members of public who had popped in for a caffeine hit (for those “edgy” customers it was a herbal tea). #dsmmcm1314

This absolutely amazing and terrifying prank,  is one of the best publicity stunts we’ve seen for a while.


This was a very difficult execution, but thanks to some careful planning,  fantastic  effects and skilled actors, the results are brilliant and led to some highly entertaining content.


Don’t hide from executionally challenging campaigns, the rewards in today’s digital world can be huge!

The Scariest Job Interview Ever – LG

IDEA: Imagine looking out a window during a job interview only to see a giant asteroid crashing to the earth. That’s what happened to job applicants at a fake interview set up by LG. The ‘window’ was actually LG’s latest TV. #dsmmcm1314


WHAT WE LIKE: Not only is this video highly entertaining and shareable, it delivers really strong product messaging, something that is often missed when brands launch a viral marketing campaign!

LEARNINGS: Despite achieving great reach there has been some negative publicity around the campaign as questions around morality (such an experience is obviously rather harrowing for the interviewees)  and authenticity have been raised. Brands need to make a clear distinction between adverts and content if they want to keep consumers on their side.