‘Believe in Magic and Sparkle’ – M&S move to Social Media in time for Christmas

Marks & Spencer began their Christmas countdown yesterday with the release of a 12 second teaser for their Alice in Wonderland/Wizard of Oz inspired Christmas ad. Directed by Johan Renck who has previously worked with designer labels such as Agent Provocateur and Armani, the ad creates ‘a modern epic where fashion meets fantasy – bringing to life much loved fairy tales with more than a sprinkle of high glamour.”


The teaser features Rosie Huntington Whitely as its lead role, and is displayed on the M&S Facebook, Instagram and YouTube channels, already attracting high engagement levels from its viewers. The full two minute advert will launch on social media channels on Monday, and will first air on TV during Coronation Street on Wednesday 6th November aiming to revive the ‘Magic & Sparkle’ of M&S with the new strapline ‘Believe in Magic & Sparkle.’

Helena Bonham-Carter - Marks and Spencer

The ad also features actress Helena Bonham Carter and model David Gandy, however the real star role should go to the Highland Terrier which features in the advert. To increase interactivity, M&S plan to follow with a social media campaign asking viewers choose a name for the star, either Magic or Sparkle (of course!) Online footage will also be released of the dog taking shoppers on a magical adventure.

So why are M&S becoming social media savvy?

• To Create Conversation

Patrick Bousquet-Chavanne, director of marketing & business development at M&S, said: “It’s all about interaction and a conversation with our customers. Digital is the fastest way to be in that conversation and you are going to see us doing more of that.”

• Ease of Distribution/Appeal to International Markets

Bousquet-Chavanne said the advert used universal tales including Alice in Wonderland and the Wizard of Oz, which would appeal in M&S’s international markets including China and the Middle East, where it would also be distributed easily online.

• Increased Competition

M&S’ strategy to use a social media campaign in order to create anticipation for their Christmas ad, follows in the footsteps of rivals such as John Lewis, who have developed a high social media platform by previewing their Christmas ads a day before they air on TV.

Authour: Hannah Thorpe