Picture this! 3 ways to harness the new visual Twitter…


Twitter has updated its IOS, Android and web based applications to host pictures and videos directly on your feed. As you can see below, users can now view media without clicking on a text-based link:

So how can you harness the power of this exciting new feature?

1. Building your brand image.

Up until last week your brand had a limited visual presence on Twitter, the vast majority of consumer-brand experience would have been between 140 characters of text written by your social media manager and a dis-engaged user. The option to engage with the linked content was completely in the hands of the consumer. Not anymore – now you can convey your brand in a much more eclectic fashion, all those hours your creative department spent developing the visual aspect of your brand can now be unleashed on one of the worlds most used social media channels…your brand manager will be happy about this! #dsmmcm1314

2. FREE display advertising (you can also pay for it)…

A savvy social media manager will have already created a network of relevant and valued followers for your brand. You may also be using social listening tools to successfully target your community with effective advertising based on their individual interests and likes. This technique just got a whole lot more engaging! With Twitter’s new update you can guarantee the targeted individual will see your visual communication – this sounds a whole lot like display advertising to me. An industry that Facebook and Google made $3.96 billion from in 2012. This is the future of Twitter marketing. You can even measure the effectiveness of your campaign by tracking Bit.ly links – click here to find out more on this. #dsmmcm1314

3. Pictures are worth a thousand words!

140 characters or less. These four words have given social media managers more headaches than the audition rounds of X-Factor! Now you don’t have to convey everything about your campaign, company or brand in such a small amount of text. Why not use Twitter’s visual update to say a little more? Why not use some eye-catching text in an image or even introduce your idea through a video? But be wary! Twitter’s format is successful for a reason…it feeds consumers with what they want to know in the most succinct medium on the net.

After-all, “Brevity is the highest form of wit.” #dsmmcm1314

Author: Michael Norris

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