Meet the De Rigueur Digital Team #dsmmcm1314

Meet the De Rigueur Digital Team #dsmmcm1314

Name Agency Role Student Number
George Whiting Catalyst 10221732
Michael Norris Digital strategist 10612882
Matt Holton Connector 09212860
Hannah Thorpe Connector 10248333
Arjun sohal Strategist 10332627
Aaliyah Stansfield Creator 10630175

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Introducing Our Client

Excessive PR is the umbrella company that provides unique and innovative events within the Manchester area.

Student Events

Distrkt has established itself as the leading student night in Manchester using its underground roots and ‘banging’ bass lines to draw in some of the most particular Manchester nightlife revellers. Hosted in the Manchester club, Factory, the night’s urban feel encompasses the underground vibe of this atmospheric venue. #dsmmcm1314

Where do we fit in?

As an agency we will be looking to harness the buzz around this event and take the conversation from the living rooms of student houses to an erray of online communities. #dsmmcm1314